Adding Time to existing Date field shifted all dates back by 1 day!

I had a Date field in two Databases (both task types) and got tired of not being able to use Week and Day views, so I added a Time to the existing field(s) using the Edit function for those fields. Not surprisingly a Time was added, however rather oddly it was 1700, for all the tasks, not 0000 or 1200 or anything that might make more sense. That’s annoying, but not the main bug.

It took me a couple hours to notice, but I realized that in addition to this, the actual date of all my tasks had been shifted back to by 1 day! Now this is probably due to some UTC time issue or something, but… it’s very bad, and quite annoying, and definitely should not happen.

I initially figured I’d just create a Button or an Automation to fix this, and maybe it’s just my tired and frustrated brain, but I can’t figure out how to select the existing field value so I can just add a day to it. None of my attempts validate in the formula editor. Anyone want to give me a hand with this? For now I’ve just manually changed the next few days to be correct, that’s all I need at the moment. But it will definitely need to be fixed in bulk soon… :weary:

My Simple repeating tasks formula is also now broken, unsurprisingly. But as simple as it is, I don’t know how to make it work with time as a factor now. Feeling rather like a fool at the moment. :sweat_smile:

It’s timezones.

Fibery doesn’t know what timezone you’re in, so it converts a date to datetime by setting to midnight UTC (which is apparently 7 hours ahead of your timezone).

You should be able to fix by running an automation that updates the value, using a formula something like this:

[Step 1 Item].DateField + Hours(7)

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Converting from date to datetime actually deletes the field and recreates it with the new setting.
For your recurring task automation, assuming you retype the formulas to reflect this conversion, it should work if you replace Today() with Now()

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Yes, I figured it was related. I hadn’t make the connection that -7 UTC from midnight = 1700.

Since localization is not on the roadmap, perhaps it would not be so hard to add a prompt when adding Time e.g. “Enter your time zone offset from UTC to avoid unexpected results” or whatever. I recognize this is likely to be an infrequent issue, but it’s very annoying when it does happen. :wink:

Thanks, it worked! Am I crazy or was this “Step 1 Item” thing not needed or somehow different before? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This was actually what I tried right-off and it didn’t seem to work, but then I realized a difference in the way they handled appending values of 0 vs. 1, and it explains what I was seeing. :smile: In short: it works. Thanks again!

Yeah, good idea.
We have a little warning when a DateTime is converted to text in a formula, but we should probably add one for this situation as well.

It has always been necessary to use the [Step 1 Xxx] bit in formulas used in automation actions, but not in formula fields.

Can’t answer that I’m afraid :wink:

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