DateTime skewed 18 hours after formulas

I imported a dataset in UTC after reading Fibery only operated in UTC and was unaware of client / user timezone (or so I understood from your documentation). However I found out this is absolutely not the case.

So apparently Fibery converted my imported time values from my Denver time zone, and then it continues to add another 6 hours every time I use that DateTime in a formula. In other words, the only way I can get visually identical dates to “match” is to run a formula subtracting 19 hours. But this is problematic because that will cause anything earlier than 19:00 to be one day earlier than they’re supposed to be.

Ideally, what I want has the following requirements:

  • All dates ALWAYS show in UTC (I’m in Denver right now but that changes often, regardless I want all dates in UTC)
  • Date imported as “July 4” should return true for filters of “July 4” (real simple stuff here)
  • Exact time is not as important as general time of day in UTC (so feasibly I could import it with the time once, then set a single-select for the “time of day” to hold a value that won’t get fudged and keeps all date fields to just dates from here on out)

Why UTC? UTC is the location of the door, for my purposes. As I write this it’s nearly midnight UTC - it’s about to be the next day, according to Earth. THAT is what matters to me. The last thing I want to do is adjust all my formulas because I’ve moved time zones (which I do often) so I can find that door.

I would rather set my timezone to UTC OR let Fibery default to making zero time conversions on imports. I fully did not expect my data to get fudged before I even saw it in the database.

BUT for now, I very urgently need a workaround.

How can I:

  1. Import my 18 CSV datasets presently in UTC fully intact and virginally unchanged / displaying as UTC without changing my computer’s timeclock
  2. Do formulas without adding 6 hours every time (as mentioned before, maybe just using only Date fields and a single-select for general time of day is the solution)

You can force your browser to think you are in UTC.
Then you can do whatever you like, and Fibery frontend and backend will always match.

That works for my own environment but kills Fibery as a viable option for this project at this time. When you can specify time zone at the instance or user level, I might consider it if it’s soon enough – but otherwise it’s looking like Unreal (yes a game development engine) might be my best bet. Primarily because I can use one language that I already know AND it will render diagrams programmatically. But, for what it’s worth - I got closer to a final version with Fibery than I did with Zenkit, Google Sheets, or any other platform. Kudos.