Allow specifying TimeZone with ToText([Date])

The documentation for ToTtext() does not mention what Timezone is used when converting a Date to Text.

Ideally we could specify that the Timezone either should be chosen automatically (use our current Timezone), or else specify a Timezone/offset that should be used for the conversion.

We’re actually just about to post a help page explaining about how timezones work in Fibery…keep your eyes peeled :slight_smile:

TLDR: everything is stored internally in UTC.


Thanks for the docs - very helpful!

I guess the answer to my need is to use a formula to format the DateTime on the backend, which should allow me to convert it to a specific (constant) TImeZone. The only complication is keeping track of the current state of Daylight Savings Time.

Could we maybe get a Fibery extension to interface with this service, or something similar?