Table Export to CSV Time Issue

When exporting a table to a CSV file the times in a Date Range are changing, they are going foward 5hrs compared to what I have in my table. I need these times to not change.

That is because we store dates in UTC, and convert to local timezone on UI.

Person from another timezone will see those DateRange values converted to his timezone.
Export outputs dates in UTC.
We could probably add a setting whether to export in UTC or local timezone. But I’m not sure, we need to discuss that.

It seems like a helpful setting for the average no-code user

Or a setting to lock the times to a static value would be great.

I don’t even want them to change if I change time zones. I set the values in there for each event we are doing and I expect them not to be adjusted at all.

For a workspace where all users are in the same time zone, then yes, it makes sense to just ignore time zone corrections in general. But for workspaces where users are spread out it is not optimal.
And having two different types of date-time fields (static and dynamic) would probably be worse than Sergey’s suggestion of allowing the export to be UTC or local (which may itself be a UX degradation for the majority of users :frowning: ).

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