CHANGELOG: Aug 18 / Airtable integration, Timezones improvement, dozen bug fixes

Airtable integration

One-way sync for your tables with Fibery

Check our full guide and feel free to discuss it here

Timezones: use UTC on the backend everywhere

Timezones in programming are hard. Fibery is no exception here.

How it works now:

  1. At the moment Fibery does not allow the timezone to be defined for a workspace or for a particular user.
  2. Fibery stores all date-time fields in UTC on the server.
  3. UTC date-times are converted to the appropriate local time in the UI .
  4. The timezone conversion applies only for date fields with time.

Read more details here

:cherry_blossom: Improvement

  • Support file attachments in integrations: Intercom
  • Reorder Color Coding in the Toolbar
  • Document History: show/hide diffs toggle is added

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • User Profile Field Name does not get renamed in the collection title
  • Get rid of the “Collection” word in collections in User Profile
  • A new option appears in States only after page refresh
  • Error in the editor if open any boolean formula
  • Formulas and Lookups are not imported in auto-linked relations
  • User is unable to access integration settings after sync failure
  • Timeline auto scrolls down on adding a new entity and there is no way to return back to the top
  • Context filter disabled after app import
  • It’s impossible to rename relation when during the creation
  • Auto-link to User relation is not exported
  • Automations: Issue with clearing value for State field

Nah, they’re totally easy. :grin:


@Polina_Zenevich what’s the best post to upvote to see timezones implemented sooner?
I find this part of the documentation rather concerning:

We will implement support for user timezones. Maybe. Some day. If you want to speed that up, feel free to ping us anywhere and share your pains/feedback about it!

as it makes Fibery a cumbersome choice for teams working in more than one timezone, which is many remote teams


Yes, that’s it. But for now, we don’t have a nice solution in mind. And development looks very complicated and will take a very long time in any case.
So we’re collecting cases and after all the “must-have” features will be done - maybe that is smth we’ll work on.
Feel free to initiate discussion in the Ideas&Features category - will be glad to hear more about current pains and see votes :sparkling_heart:

I’m curious what your team is trying to do that isn’t supported by how timezones currently work? I read through it and it seemed to generally make sense, but maybe I’m not realizing what we are missing at the moment.


You guys also tweeted about this, but I can’t really figure out what you are referring to. Could you explain what this improvement is in detail?


I think it’s referring to the ability to change the priority of the colour coding (relevant in the case where an item matches more than one criterion):