Date-time field - set a time & timezone to be shown for all users

For date-time fields, I’d like to be able to pick a timezone that’s shown for all Fibery users.

Let’s say I pick ‘UTC’ and set ‘13:00’, then a user in ‘GMT+2’ and in ‘GMT+4’ will both see ‘13:00 (UTC)’

Here is how this feature is implemented in Airtable:

From reading other related threads, I understand your current approach: ‘each user ‘thinks’ in their timezone’. And in a lot of cases that makes sense! But for some use cases you need to be able to set a time for a specific timezone, where all Fibery users see the same time.

In our case we’re developing an order management system and when the customer submits an order, they supply a specific time along with their order, which is relative to their timezone. Since we’re not able to set the supplied time in the customer’s timezone (server-side it gets set to UTC), this time / timzone needs to be unified across all Fibery users sitting in different timezones. Otherwise each Fibery user looking at that particular order will see a different time - that actually doesn’t reflect the truth (the customer’s timezone)! And when they try to coordinate this amongst each other or with the customer, it will create a royal mess, because each user sees it in their timezone instead of the customers.

Are any others interested in this feature as well? What use case would this solve for you?

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And here’s how the field looks like in Airtable, after the toggle (shown above) has been set:


Here’s our current thinking

At the moment, per-field timezone settings are not in plans.

Ok, understood.

Can vote for this feature somewhere?

We track these community topics, so the activity here allows us to gauge interest, without necessarily needing you to ‘vote’.

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