Default avatar of "State" being displayed in dropdown even if custom avatar is uploaded

I’ve uploaded a custom avatar for a state, but in the single select dropdown field, it’s still displaying the default avatar instead of the custom avatar.

The problem is only in the dropdown picker, the right avatar is being displayed on the entity itself.

I would suggest removing the avatar field, since you don’t need it by the looks of things. With no avatar field, the icon field will be used instead.

I need the avatar field because I don’t want to display the full name of the state but there doesn’t seem to be another way to display just the icon by itself.

I made another post about it in a thread I thought was somewhat relevant

For the record, I’m just trying to highlight what seems like a bug (default avatar being shown in dropdown when it shouldn’t be).

Once a state is selected and the dropdown is closed, I’m happy with how it looks, because it displays the correct avatar:

Ideally, an entity’s icon would be available as a field just like it’s avatar is and I wouldn’t need to use the avatar at all in this example, but that’s more of a feature request than a bug, right?