Form Changing Default and Selected Values

I have a form that has a default single-select, call it “A”. But when I use the form from the [New :arrow_down_small:] drop down button, it shows a different single-select, “B”, instead of the one I defaulted. I tried to hide the single select from the form, still defaulted as “A”, but it still created an entity as “B”.

This issue was brought to me by one of my teams that manages contract statuses. It’s very bad that they can’t trust that the information they set is the information that will be saved. Please let me know if you need any more information to fix this.

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I’m very sorry your question was lost :pray:
I believe that’s not a bug, but an undiscoverable and a bit confusing logic.
Any chance that’s because of the context / view filter? We automatically adjust selected values so that the new entity stays visible on the view.

I still don’t see the logic problem. If you do find the problem from the screenshots I forwarded in intercom, let me know. But it’s not a big deal if not. I just created a formula with the same filter logic and filtered by the formula. Using that method, the form defaults to the correct single select.