Single select sticks in view's first column

Our table has a single select type in the first column. When I create a new entity and click a selection for that column, it often sticks after that selection and I am unable to click and edit any other column for that entity (including the name column), until I use the tab key to switch to the next column.

Hi @ccollins ,
Thank you for contacting us. We have added the bug to our backlog and will let you know once it is fixed

Can confirm that I’ve also had this exact issue but its been hard to reproduce so I haven’t reported it as a bug. Good tip about the tab - I usually end up reloading the page to fix it.

Just experienced this bug again I think these are the criteria under which this bug happens:

  • The first field / column in a table view is a drop down select with a default value
  • The table view is opened for the first time in a while
  • A new entity is added

I suspect the bug is to do with how the default value is set, which locks out other user inputs. But this bug is proving hard to reproduce intentionally

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