Value gets filled on entity creation but no default is specified

I’m not sure if this is new, or if it’s something to do with my particular setup, but I have a field that is auto-filling with an undesired value every time I create an entity of this type (Project). There is no default value specified in the setup for that field. And it is not something that occurs due to a filtered view, as far as I can see (it happens when creating Project from a smart folder too). Here I demo the problem:

You have State extension here and State is always selected. It is not possible to have entity without State.

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The problem is not that it auto-fills/has a default. The problem is that the value it uses is undesired and I see no way to set it to what I want. This is definitely a bug because the value it chooses is different depending on the view, too.

So for example in Table View, as shown above, it chooses “Researching” for some reason (no idea why, seems random). Whereas in Board View it auto-selects the value in the furthest left column (in this case “Not Started”, which is more correct).

I realize that there is the useful function of inferring values automatically based on filters (e.g. if the view is filtered to tasks assigned to me, I will be auto-assigned when adding new task in this view). But in this case there is no filter.

Not to mention that when you go to edit the State extension field, it says “no value” for default.

So surely at least some of this is unintended behavior? :smile: I can record more videos to demo these things if that’s helpful…