Make Entity Icon (avatar) visible in table view

Currently, we can not see the avatar of entities in the table view. But the avatar are visible for linked items. It would be great if we could have a column to turn it.

I’m not sure what you mean @nimesh
When I have an entity with the Assignments and Avatar extensions enabled, I can choose to see the avatar of the assigned user in table view.

Type definition:

Table view:

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I hope this can help in better understanding it.
It would be more visually appealing as well. Also, we could add some emojis as an avatar, it would be even interesting


So do you mean that each entity should be able to have it’s own icon/symbol?

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To be exact, if we have avatar extension enabled, we should have the option to make it visible in a column.

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Sorry, i get it now. Nice suggestion.
There is a cheeky workaround if it’s really important to you: define a ‘helper’ type that links in a one-to-one relationship to the type you’re originally working with. Then define a lookup field from the ‘helper’ relationship back to the original type. For each original entity, create and link a new dummy entity of the helper type, and the lookup column will now show the original entity’s avatar and name.
Simple :wink: