Using an icons in formulae and embeds

Somehow icons are still limited in use. Here are some examples :cry:

Icons in formulae

I like that Workflow states have Icons. But I would like to be able to show these in the parent entity names through a formula.

Unfortunately that is not possible:

So the only way to do this, is to add an additional text field to the State with the very same Icon. Cumbersome :cry:

Icons in embeds

Analogously, I would like to be able to set the icon to be shown where an entity is embedded, but that is also not possible:
2024-03-06 at 20.44

Would be great if both of these could be enabled.


@Chr1sG and @Polina_Zenevich, any news on this? Especially in formulae it’d be great to have the icons usable.


Nothing to report, sorry

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Thanks for letting me know, @Chr1sG!

Hope this can make its way into the roadmap as a small refinement sometime. :slightly_smiling_face:

+1. it would improve on Fibery’s already great visibility:
in conditionally generated name formulas it could be used to indicate existence of different db entities or relations below current level. especially since there is no collapse/expand all functionality yet.