Visual: Database Icons

When editing a database name, would be really great if we could also select the icon for it, not just the color. Exactly how we have when setting the space up.

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Agreed this would be neat. And with the option to choose the icon, it could then become an alternative to the “Database Abbreviation” field used in various views. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this the same as Set default emoji/icon for 1 database

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I agree, I think being able to use a custom icon or emoji as the short tag for a database (the automatic first letter of each word tag) would be great, and much clearer to users.

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Agreed and voted! Small detail that is nice to have

can we set default icon (emoji) for an database. It’s much easier to view like this rather than the original, especially when using reference, i get so many details in 1 block level rich text

Also I group entites by emoji to visual some several type of data in 1 database like Debt transactions, Payment… Can we add Emoji field in Set rule?


Here are a few more use cases that point so the need for emoji/icon per database:

I use generic database names like Project, Milestone, Task, Event, Page, Note in different spaces in my workspace, plus also database names that include such words that include these terms as prefix like ~Type, ~Group, ~Design, ~Pattern etc… When having to select a database for a feature like a view, a search or entity mention, finding the right database of the current space is not intuitive, although databases in the dropdown are grouped by space, it still requires some scrolling. Easily identifying and selecting a database by its icon would be more user friendly.

Other argument: When databases with the same name of different spaces are used in the same view, it is very hard to identify of which space they are part of: deriving it from the color only is a big problem, I received feedback about confusion. In order to accomodate that we experimented with adding a prefix to such generic database names, like ‘SpaceX Task’, ‘SpaceY Task’ but that obviously is a making database badges lengthy.

Another argument in favor of database icons is that they take up less space in views or in mentions. Database icons will make the Fibery cleaner and less cluttered with repetitive space consuming database badges.

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