Customize Fields in Inline Entities in Rich Text Boxes

Hi again,

I would like to revive a subject from the April 20 Changelog re: customization of the great inline mentions we have in Fibery (one of the best features, please guys don’t change this it’s good as is!)

My request is only about what you can see about the Inline Entity, following on @mdubakov assertion here from that post:

My team makes great use of the Inline mentions, and at times we are seeing that we could definitely use some customizations. For example, we reference Users a lot, and they always bring in the name of the Avatar if they’ve uploaded one, so that takes up space in your copy unnecessarily:
Image 2021-01-06 at 12.38.43 AM

Also we have some other Types that could use the customization.

Just wanted to get this out as an official request in case others wanted to support it. Cheers!


I wanted to add another use case around this request: Entities that are used as “Tasks.” A typical use of this would be to create follow-on tasks in Meetings, this may be done by the note-taker inline. It would be super convenient to be able to see the fields of “Due Date” and “Priority” inline and not have to open the Entity to scroll through the details and select these fields after first creating inline, which we found usually takes some time as the Entity details window can take a moment to open, and not everybody has memorized where those fields are. If you could simply have them available inline, it would make the filling out of those attributes very quick & easy.

This would truly be a unique feature of Fibery that I have never seen any other app even come close to. Others do have inline mentions, just none allow this type of customization.



The way I would prefer to see it handled is an option for every field to “promote to/display on in-line mentions”. That way everyone could display whatever they wanted in-line. Some people will want a lot, while the majority will not, but a system like that could equally serve both needs.


Yes and thanks for proposing an excellent implementation, hadn’t thought of that! This would also nicely keep this at the Type level. 100% what I had in mind with surfacing the request again!

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The only comment I would add to this discussion is that it will be interesting to hear where you think the choice about which fields to display should be made.
I believe, for example, that when an entity is shown in a collection, you can choose which fields to display, but the setting is applied to every collection for that type. This means that your choice is tied to the type, rather than being determined by the referencing entity
This has some disadvantages, since one might want the choice of visible fields to be different in different places.

The same will be true for inline mentions. Will you always want the same fields visible in all the the rich text places where an entity of a given type is mentioned?


That is certainly an interesting and valid point. I know that there must be limits to the customization however and so personally I feel like a single global setting would be sufficient. Not perfect, but it would be up to each admin to balance the needs of the various areas where they use entity mentions. I could certainly envision a way to do it more flexibly, but I question how much value it would bring for the dev time and UI complexity involved. How many people would ever actually find and use that setting?

Chris, thanks,

The way I’m getting on in Fibery is that I think I’d be Ok with being able to customize how each Type shows up when @mentioned across other Entities in Fibery, per @Oshyan ’s solution here. I have things like:

  • Tasks as I mentioned, I’d like the basics for Tasks that you get in other apps - assignee, due date, priority, etc. I don’t think I’d need to have some Tasks with that showing, and others without that - in other words, be able to control per Entity as I think you are wondering about

  • Some services (vendors, software, etc.) my team uses. These have states, but I don’t need to see the state when referencing. We have states like “on a trial” or “Purchased,” but I don’t need to see that in the references.

It would also be great to limit this from the default, as right now in fact because I get all those fields, the Rich Texts get overloaded, in particularly if I have added an assignment extension, but haven’t assigned anybody, I get a blank “circle” next to the referenced entity which just takes up space and makes the Rich Text busy. Likewise with the aforementioned State if I really don’t want to include it.

I think Collections are another animal with a lot more to talk about and improvement needed, like showing differing views in that area a la Notion, something @Oshyan also has talked about. But with mentions, I think there is a lot less need to customize.

I’m curious, when would you have a need to customize per entity which fields in an @mentioned entity are displayed?

Thanks again!


This was one of the first things that came to mind when I started trying Fibery out. I really liked the inline mentions of entities, but found that often you are forced to overwrite the Name field with a formula to expose information from the entity without this feature. This results in an odd user experience where you add a new entity quickly in some view, but can’t set the name. So you have to open it up to set the values that are used to create the calculated name field.

I’d be ok with a starting point where there is some global configuration for how each Type shows up when they are referenced anywhere. Then, later on down the line worry about having different configurations in specific contexts.


In your specific approach to addressing the ‘show custom information’ problem, by using naming formula, if you assume that is the best approach moving forward (i.e. let’s assume no additional customization options are added for in-line entity info display), then how would you want the “can’t set name from inline mention” problem to be solved?

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