Customize Fields in Inline Entities in Rich Text Boxes

Hi again,

I would like to revive a subject from the April 20 Changelog re: customization of the great inline mentions we have in Fibery (one of the best features, please guys don’t change this it’s good as is!)

My request is only about what you can see about the Inline Entity, following on @mdubakov assertion here from that post:

My team makes great use of the Inline mentions, and at times we are seeing that we could definitely use some customizations. For example, we reference Users a lot, and they always bring in the name of the Avatar if they’ve uploaded one, so that takes up space in your copy unnecessarily:
Image 2021-01-06 at 12.38.43 AM

Also we have some other Types that could use the customization.

Just wanted to get this out as an official request in case others wanted to support it. Cheers!