CHANGELOG: April 20 / Calendar View, Deactivate Users, Cool inline entities

This is another good release with significant Fibery improvements. Our development pace is cool now.

:date: Calendar View

Calendar View was re-implemented and polished, now you can enjoy it to track meetings, events and important deadlines:

Calendar View is rich with many functions:

  • See entities by month/weeks or day
  • Quickly create new entities in any mode
  • Drag and Drop entities to change dates
  • Filter and Color entities

:see_no_evil: Deactivate Users

Sometimes people no longer need Fibery login, but you don’t want to delete them to prevent history. Now you can deactivate users. Go to left top menu and click Manage Users link:

:rainbow: Rich Edit: See and change state and assignments from inline entities

We are focusing on documents improvements and this is a new cool feature. You can quickly create or insert entities into rich edit field and change important fields right here. So far it works for Assignments and State fields only, but we are going to expand it to be fully customizable.

This feature saves time and make it super easy to create action items from meeting notes and create work from specification documents.


  • Now you can edit comments

Bug fixes

  • Board is broken if color coding is no longer applicable
  • New entities in the table appears ignoring filter in context views
  • Image captions are not editable
  • Auth server token loss (zapier, slackbot) (maybe fixed)

@mdubakov, really big with the added abilities around embedded entity links in Docs. This is truly one your guys’ great features and so glad to see this additional functionality!

Since you mentioned you are working a lot on docs, I wanted to put in a mention of this request:

I am really enjoying docs, but could use some more screen space as my docs get cut off easily and this results in frequent situations like this:

I have been using Entities more than Docs for writing Specs, etc. as the entities seem to have a bit more “screen real estate” that Docs right now. But I would be happy if you guys could just add a full “wide screen” capability on either to allow me to write more comprehensively tables and otherwise expand content.

Thanks and great work with the editing of inline entities!

Oh and by the way I couldn’t help but take note of the actual image you used for the demo of inline entities with what appear to be some ideas for your Documents Roadmap - very cool!!

I think you guys in fact are on the verge of leaping past both Coda and Notion with your first point, Highlights, combined with this feature released. None of those tools let you manipulate @mentioned entities when they are embedded, and most importantly none have anything close to Highlights. In the case of all three tools, and many else out there, when you @mention an entity in a canvas somewhere, that entity itself will not reflect the mention. Just want to make sure the community, and anybody finding this post from a Google search, is aware you guys are very unique here and it’s a big reason I’m using Fibery!

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We are going to add Writer Mode into rich edit fields, so it will be possible to see them full screen when needed.

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Michael, great thanks for confirming! That’s great to hear. Being able to have what is essentially a column in an entity transform into a full-screen Rich Text editor is a fabulous feature! Speaking of Coda, you do this with Coda, and it’s one of my favorite features that they have. But you can’t add tables! like in Fibery.

So glad you guys are going to add this! Thanks again.