CHANGELOG: October 20, 2022 / Customize mentions, Field description

:nail_care: Customize Fields for Entity mentions


Wouldn’t it be nice to see something apart from the name of a mentioned thing? Maybe not even State or Assignees but something different?

Customize Fields for each Database to provide readers with more click-free context:

  • Due Date for Tasks
  • Customer and Customer Status for Feedback Notes
  • Amount and Probability for Deals
  • (you name it)

:thinking: Field description

It’s not always obvious from a Field name how to interpret it, what to put in it, or when to use it. How do I estimate Effort of a Story? Who is responsible for setting Priority for a Feature?

From now on all Fields have an (optional) description. You explain how tricky Fields work and we show the tooltip across Fibery.

This is the first part of our initiative to help Creators onboard their teams. We understand that switching tools is hard and guiding new hires through a team process is challenging (to say the least) so we want to give you the proper tools.

Next up: View description and Database description.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • When you create a new Field, we now suggest a default name according to the Field’s type: ex. Email or Phone.

:shrimp: 6 Fixed Bugs

  • Intercom integration: not all attachments are downloaded.
  • Deactivated users are displayed as active ones
  • Can not restore/undelete entity if space has been renamed
  • Race on Audit Log when open it from direct link
  • “Use … to manage Space access” option isn’t restored in case of undelete for User Db
  • Done items are no longer transparent on Timeline in case user navigates there from another view

Guys, this is a great feature I have been waiting for, but I noticed it doesn’t seem to work in References, which still have just the entity only, no additional attributes. Do you plan to allow the attributes to be seen in references? That would be very helpful, in particular so you could see a state of something.

Also, I’d like to be able to customize the attributes of the referencing entity:

Right now you can only see entity name, state, avatar of assignee


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Do you mean linked highlights?

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We have consciously turned the units off within back-references to keep the visual clutter under control. However, we might reconsider if there’s more feedback.

This one is in our backlog, linked your feedback. Thanks!


OK thanks @antoniokov! I’m glad you guys logged that my request for this capability!

Hey @antoniokov, am I missing something or are public ID’s not available as a field to display with this feature? Just went to look for it and disappointingly I can’t find it. If you guys left it out, could you please add my vote to include that? Very important as we use ID’s to refer to stuff time and again in Fibery, you have a great system for ID’s in the first place!


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Public Id is not exposed as a field on the UI ny default, but you can easily add it by just using a formula field
[Public Id]

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Your vote is all we needed :horse_racing:
Unless we face some unexpected challenge, Public ID is coming to Entity mentions next week.


This is great news @antoniokov! Been using this feature extensively since you guys rolled it out, but really missing the public ID in there, hearing that it’s coming so soon made my day! Thank you!

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Done: CHANGELOG: November 10, 2022 / Centralized import, Database description.



Love it @antoniokov! Now I can quote which “refactor the code” task I’m talking about when it gets referenced in somebody else’s comment!

Some real insightful stuff you guys are doing around the UI/UX these days, the date picker:

brings a smile to my face every time I use it! Like in a field I have for meetings called “actual meeting end” where before it was several clicks, scrolling to find the right time, etc. and I just type “now” with the new picker and done! Amazing!

And speaking of comments, I have to mention that it would make my life SO much better if you guys could continue to consider indexing comments in search. My team is getting more heavy-duty in our use of Fibery, so comments are starting to proliferate and it’s just very frustrating to not be able to go back and search for something you posted to a teammate…I know not a lot of support for that feature here in the forum, but this user would jump for joy if it ever gets done!

Thanks guys!


We do think about comments and had several proposals and discussions around Comments/Threads/Discussions/Chats. We want to unite all these things. Now I consolidate them and I hope we will nail conceptual solution here till the end of the year. Not sure when we’ll start real implementation, so I’d not expect anything major till Q2 2023


Ok great @mdubakov really appreciate the update on those very important areas! I’ve been here more than 3yrs now, so if that is your timeline for such an important part of Fibery, not a terribly long wait. I really hope you can make that happen.