Option to show field in reference and entity picker

Hi, it would be really useful to have an option to make a field show next to the entity name when it’s referenced (and in the entity picker/search). Exactly how the ‘State’ and assignee field is shown:


This is really useful for seeing the state of an entity, but not all entities have states or assignees. To be able to choose which fields show in this way at the database level would be very useful and flexible, for example like this: (please excuse the poor mockup)


Or any other field.

A couple of examples I would use this for are to have a formula generate a breadcrumb trail for template tasks, so I don’t get lost/confused about the project they’re in.

Another would be to show a particular single or multi select that’s important for a specific entity.

Another would be a formula to show when a task was last worked on.

Finally, this field could then also be shown in the rick text entity picker:

And give the user context when more than one entity has the same name (currently this is very confusing for me as I have multiple projects which all have multiple units, and don’t want to name them with a formula, as it needs to be editable down the line).

I hope this is something that other people might find useful too! Please let me know if this is unclear or if I need to elaborate.


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Mention customization is implemented in the latest release