Inline reference - card view

There have been some discussions in the past of having more options for how inline references in rich text and documents are displayed, e.g.:

Some of these ideas have been implemented (and request closed). However, some of the ideas related to block views of entities haven’t advanced far.

I wanted to add that being able to display these references as “card” blocks in some instances, would be a really useful and far easier to read and understand than having everything in one line (in some instances). Some examples that came to my mind is the ability to include a contact card in a document or a card for a product within a client document.

I know this will require a way of defining and customizing the layout of the cards as well as an ability to choose between the line or card view (or better yet a number of admin-defined templates). But I think it would really improve usability and would not require users to click through to the entity view to get some basic information.