CHANGELOG: March 31 / Insert Videos into Docs, Frames, Better History, many improvements & fixes

Insert Video into Documents

Now you can upload and insert videos (.mp4 and .webm) into Document and rich edit fields.

2021-03-31 13.10.43

More Images formatting options in Documents

When you click on an image, you will find more image formatting options. Now you can align images and set text floating as well.

Whiteboard: Frames

Frames are stable areas that can be saved as an image or printed out. There is a new instrument for frames creation in the Whiteboard toolbar.

There are two major use cases for the frames:

  1. Use them as a logical group for large Whiteboards
  2. Use them to export something as an image

Entity History Improvements

There are more events in Entity History now:

When reference is added into an Entity:

When a new field is added into a Type or some field is removed:

When a new comment added into an Entity:

Formulas: Power function

Now you can use Power(number, power) function in formulas. Note that decimal power is also possible. For example:

Power(10,2) → 100
Power(4, 0.5) → 2

:dancer: Stability & Security improvements

  • Deadlocks probability is reduced enormously
  • Core service now has 3 replicas, so you should see fewer errors overall and experience fewer downtimes
  • Memory consumption is reduced
  • Some secret security improvements were implemented

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Loom links are transformed into previews in documents
  • Figma links are transformed into previews as well
  • Hide collection unit when it has 0 items. Now you will see fewer zeroes on Board View!
  • Hierarchical Lists: Undo support added
  • Audit Log: custom columns width is preserved between sessions and browsers
  • Whiteboard: Improved “Duplicate” action. There is an offset in duplicated items and select them by default
  • Whiteboard: Improved “Copy/Paste” action. Pasted item is selected after the action now.
  • Whiteboard: Undo works better now

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Smart folders: missing possibility to add entity in No category group
  • Automatic relations does not work in case of self-relation (in some cases)
  • Copy-paste of a user’s mention within a Document is broken
  • Impossible to sync Github app with some account
  • Whiteboard: Deleting items on the Whiteboard navigates to the previous view because of losing focus
  • Whiteboard: Backspace button navigates back when trying to delete something on a whiteboard

Nice! This is actually a pretty significant update. Much appreciated!

Indeed, good stuff. I especially like the

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  1. .gif files are a poor means to provide instructions. I will not watch them.
    You can replace them e.g. with videos. It’s even better to use text and static images.
  2. What’s an entity?
    In order to avoid conversations like this one, link to definitions!
  3. What’s a type?
    Type of what?
  4. “Some secret security improvements were implemented”
    4.1 Poor English. You can hire us to help you provide instructions and write release notes.
    4.2 You’ve made what more secure?
  5. “How you will see fewer zeroes on Board View!”
    You can see that it’s useful to have us edit your writing.
  6. Reply here! You’ll benefit more. I don’t care for Discourse.

I don’t know what irritates me more:

  • the subjectivity of some of your statements
  • the huge underlying ego
  • or the fact that you confused discourse with manners

You talk a lot about quality of communication. But on the one hand you are offended by the lack of “formal quality aka use of language” and on the other hand you yourself give a rats ass about formality. Hmm… to me this is rather inconsistent (and kind of rude).

Be that as it may: In my opinion your post says more about you and your personal challenges than about Fibery and theirs :wink:

If you want to see a great example of impressive style and manners, just read Michael’s or Anton’s posts – they are a delight and a vivid and shining example of a humble and winning spirit.

Please let us pay respect to what these guys have achieved and the way they conduct their communication. They know very well about their own limitations but leading a startup in Belarus during a worldwide pandemic is another level of torture.

BTW: This post should not be the first of many verbal exchanges of blows – all to the contrary: I’m very much interested in the feedback you offer. But the way you do it, just results in the opposite of what you probably were trying to achieve – and that is a sad and unconstructive result. Let’s change that, ok?


Yes I also think this is most signficant:

Would really like to see history though of both Types and Apps - so we can see when relations are changed, etc. Really helps out tracking as you build a Fibery instance, which in a lot of ways is similar to building actual software. Additionally, on the Type / App level it would be very useful to leave notes when those are built out, so you can see later on why you did certain things. For example, I have many instances when I started with a one-to-one to relation, and changed to many-to-many. Now, I have to write notes to myself in another app to document the reason. Would really help if I could do this in Fibery. And given how important the build-out over time of a Fibery instance is going to be for teams growing with Fibery, I’m sure this is something many other teams would find useful.

I think on the fundamental level, the history of Types and Apps, and also Views I might add which is useful, is actually the request @Oshyan made here:

Question to team Fibery: Is this type of Log indeed “in dev” as that thread indicates? What we have right now is helpful, but both the the Entity-level activity, as well as the new Audit Log, do not show what changes within Types or Apps.


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Audit Log for schema changes is almost ready, it does include all changes in Types (new fields, etc), but it does not track Views creation/deletion. Hope it will be released next week. Here is the intermediate result


Ok that is great to see Michael! Thanks for the quick response. And I have just posted again in @Oshyan’s original request re: having comments around changes. Perhaps you guys could think about that down the road - it’s really needed in Nocode tools, and nobody else such as Airtable, Notion, etc. offers that. So like with some of your excellent features such as references/highlights, whiteboard, etc. if you developed that you’d have another differentiator I think!


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I think it’s fair to assume that visitors to this site will know what these terms mean. If not, I would argue that the onus is on the reader to find out.
If you visited a community forum for Excel, and someone talked about ‘cells’ and ‘worksheets’, I hope you wouldn’t ask them to provide definitions of what these mean.


What an incredibly rude comment :grin:
Poor advertising for your writing skills as far as I’m concerned…

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@mdubakov :rofl: