CHANGELOG: June 15 / Whiteboard Map, some performance improvements

Whiteboard: Map, Fit to Screen, Full Screen

Whiteboard View solved one of the most nasty “where is my content?” problem. Since it is endless, sometimes you can scroll for hundreds of screens (accidentally) and never get back. With new Map control you see the whole picture. There are also two useful actions: Fit to Screen and Full Screen:

2020-06-15 11.10.08

Writer Mode action for Rich Edit field

When you work with text, sometimes it’s desirable to focus on just that. Now you can quickly expand rich edit field and enjoy more space:


  • Performance: Board View load time improved by ~80%

Fixed Bugs

  • Deny Google translate to change (and save!) document content…
  • Permissions: User with :no_good_woman: no access to entity can see entity view
  • Table View: Row in table is marked as yellow after edit or add, even if it satisfies filter.
  • Table View: Cmd + down arrow should scroll to the bottom of the table
  • User delete doesn’t work: “Cannot read property ‘includes’ …”
  • It is possible to create formula “Bugs.Name”. But it should not be.
  • Prettier URLs: Use underscore instead of – in URLs for space character
  • Intercom chat not available while Table view open

This one is great guys:

Really brings docs and Entities closer. A lot of power users of Coda I know believe that all “entities” in a nocode app like Fibery should have full data attributes, and you shouldn’t have something like a “section” that has very little metadata, can’t be analyzed, etc., vs a “data record” or “entity” which does. This really helps out as it brings even more doc functionality into Entities, terrific! A real step towards even greater flexibility in Fibery!