November 24, 2022 / Embed Forms, Collapse Fields on Entity View

:jigsaw: Embed Forms

Now you can embed a Form View into your website. Click Share, copy the Embed Form code and insert it into your gorgeous website page.

:arrow_forward: Collapse Fields on Entity View


Collapse Fields you rarely use to reduce visual clutter and speed up loading. Or temporarily collapse Description so your long specs don’t get in the way while you are grooming the backlog.

This affects only you, and applies to all Entities of the same Database — for example, for all Features or Sprints.

:lady_beetle: Whiteboard Quality

Whiteboard View has not been a prime example of polished functionality. This week we’ve given it some love, we hope you’ll notice:

  • Whiteboards works incorrectly with non-100% browser zoom
  • 35% zoom blocks the page
  • Object settings panel overlaps the bottom point
  • Attempts to remove wrong child (?, see inside)
  • Oops error on whiteboard if click on the Star shape
  • Can’t click at the needed point at the screen
  • Can’t delete the line
  • [Firefox] Text wrapping doesn’t work in Text, Shape, Sticky Note components on whiteboard
  • It’s not evident that frames title is editable
  • Frame title overlaps the frame if it has more than one row
  • New object is not automatically created when dragging a line from an object in a frame
  • Bring Forward and Send Backward options stop working for Frames
  • The right-leaning parallelogram in the Whiteboard toolbar currently has a hexagonal icon
  • Canvas: text block somehow breaks everything
  • Cursor seems to be offset in space when click on things
  • The select is not where it should be when working with frames

:shrimp: 7 Fixed Bugs

  • Decrease height of empty rich-text Comment
  • Color border for should be only for Form view
  • Create Entity Buttons don’t take Let non-Creators add new options checkbox into account for Single/Multi selects
  • Shared entity view: ‘Null’ is displayed in tooltip for ‘Untitled’ value
  • Context does not apply to entities in the table if they were added via copy-paste
  • Lookup does not get restored after undeleting database
  • Board: problem when select axis of same type but different arity

:heart_eyes: I’m excited to see some good work here on polish! There is tremendous potential in the whiteboard, far beyond Miro and others in utility and data interaction due to Fibery’s interconnection (e.g. mindmapping, flow diagrams, etc. that all have functional meaning). But it’s often so painful to work with Whiteboard in its present state that I seldom bother. I would love to see it continue to get some attention regularly, even if only for polish. :slight_smile:


My family at (American) Thanksgiving dinner later today: “so ESGDataBoi, what are you thankful for?”

Me: “Dope Fibery Whiteboard QOL updates”

Family: “…”


Love the fact we the click area to collapse was not restricted to the tiny collapse arrows, and that is easy to identify the collapsed fields (=the fields that has the collapse arrows visible).

Now I can collapse that big spec and reach the rest of the fields, when I need. And I can collapse our rich text field “Notes for editors” on wiki pages, previously awkwardly showing up on each page :grin:. Since they are only relevant in some cases, such as when making edits, not the majority of the time the users spends reading.

I have two follow-up requests related to the collapsed fields:


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@YvetteLans did you know already you can embed a form view? Probably great for an Intake form or things like that.

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Yes :heart_eyes: That’s why I secretly already created our feedback form in Fibery :smirk::smirk:

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