Let creator set default state of collapsible field

I’ve created this feature request after the recent release of collapsible fields.

I’d love if editor could set the default state collapsed/expanded for a (collapsible) field. Some fields are niche, only relevant to some audiences, only relevant in uncommon situations.

For example, we can now have our rich text field “Notes for editors” on wiki pages, and they are only relevant in some cases, when making edits, for editors.

So most of the time for content editors, they are not relevant, and for readers, they should never be relevant.

In general we avoid such things for three reasons

  1. This complicates settings. There should be an option for a field somewhere to set this state
  2. For a user it is very easy to collapse the field and it will be in this state unless she uncollapse it again. This is a good enough workaround for this case.
  3. It will take time to implement (~ 1 week) and I am not sure it worth the effort.
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The main value I was pursuing was to build a better default user experience for new users.

In our use case, I have a template to create entity of type “wiki page”, such as “Engineering wiki”, “Marketing wiki”, “System A” wiki, so we can target search results, and get some basic permissions. So the user visiting multiple wiki pages would have to collapse for each entity, and since the rich text fields takes up much more space than empty relations, it doesn’t look great when first visiting the entity in the UI.

But I understand your point. This is more of an issue when you have many - or especially new - users in the system, I think. The workaround is ok, since it saves the state for that user. It would still be nice for better onboarding, in the future.

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I am still hopeful that Individual Layouts for a node, hide fields etc will eventually get implemented. I think it would address this need and many others.

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