CHANGELOG: Last update March 11, 2020

Here you can find all significant features and fixes in a chronological order. Feel free to ask us fix your problem, if you feel it’s annoying :slight_smile:

Done 2020-03-10T21:00:00Z

:blowfish: New Features ONLY

Register your account using ANY email
Use any email you wish to register Fibery account:

Comments improvements: Images and rich formatting.
Comments are becoming better, now there are full blown rich edit fields with all bells and whistles. You can write large comments with formatting, tables, images and checklists. You can create entities from comment text and insert links to entities. NOTE: @Mentions does not work yet.

Lookup Fields
This is a powerful thing to automatically access fields from higher levels of hierarchy. For example, if you have hierarchy Product-Epic-Feature, you can add fields for Feature to see Product or Epic Importance.

Colors and Emoji in Single Select
Add colors in your life and in single select fields. Emoji can be added as well. This will help to spot important things faster.

States smart icon
Workflow extension has new cool icon to indicate state progress:

Done 2020-03-01T21:00:00Z

:blowfish: New Features

  • Whiteboard v.0.2 with Shape and Connector tools. Now you can create basic diagrams!

  • New Getting Started experience.
  • Events Queue stabilization and refactoring (invisible, so nobody cares).

:beetle: Bug fixes

  • Charts: App rename crashes all charts in it
  • Charts: impossible to distinguish Types with the same name in different Apps.
  • Zapier: Decimal Fields are missing in Zapier actions
  • Timeline: alt+drag ends with card creation prompt
  • Timeline: items are not clickable if different dates (not set) is selected
  • Mention: Notification on @mention in Document View contains incorrect link

Done 2020-02-23T21:00:00Z

:butterfly: Improvements

  • You can search entities by ID now. Just type full ID number in search field. ID is also visible on Entity View. This is a gift for Darafei.
  • Filter by Rows and Columns in Board View is easier to spot (still hard, but easier)
  • Users management is changed. Now you can add new people from Invite New People dialog only. This is a step forward to a basic email registration
  • 2-months-long Evens Service refactoring is COMPLETED. It enables history metrics reliability and we will be able to implement full changes history for all entities in future, history reports like burn down charts, and great peace of mind.
  • Getting started experiences changed. Now new people see Templates Gallery instead of a long boring document, can quickly install new apps from templates and ignore no-code till… later.

:beetle: Bug fixes

  • Renaming App breaks views with color coding
  • Menu stays in loading state if no apps and no favorite items were created initially
  • Formula autocomplete works incorrectly for multiple Types with the same name in different Apps
  • Action button: executes correctly but shows “Cannot read property ‘0’ of null” on addCollectionItem and removeCollectionItem
  • User cannot edit his own name, haha.

Done 2020-02-12T21:00:00Z

:beetle: Bug fixes

  • Import breaks with error if there are empty single select options in a CSV file
  • Some color coding rules fail with binary expression are not allowed
  • Cannot add a vacation on a timeline (binary expressions are allowed only for non secured fields)
  • Fix code margins in Wiki
  • User login from web site works fast now

Done 2020-02-05T21:00:00Z

:blowfish: New Features

  • CSV Import got better and you can export data more flexibly
  • Templates gallery improved, and many templates updated
  • Usability Testing template added

:butterfly: Improvements

  • When you add a new row into a sorted table no jumps anymore
  • You can submit new comments in document using Cmd+Enter or Ctrl+Enter

Done 2020-01-26T21:00:00Z

:blowfish: New Features

  • Import from Trello. Import as many boards as you want and augment Trello cards with custom fields.
  • Login from web site. Now you can login into your account from

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Table View: On + sign in columns I want to select existing field as well
  • Print styles for docs

:beetle: Bug fixes

  • In some cases you can’t add new items in Table View
  • Table “Out of filter” feature works inconsistently (false positives on odd changes)
  • Create Types fast and without interruptions

Done 2020-01-08T21:00:00Z

:blowfish: New Features

  • Visual encoding in Boards, Timelines and Tables (color labels on cards)
  • GIST and Sales CRM apps added into Apps Gallery

:butterfly: Improvements

  • When you delete Type, related Views deleted as well
  • New row addition in Table is more clear now (Shift+Enter)
  • Timeline styles improved
  • Entity print works fine now

:beetle: Bug fixes

  • Table: changed valued hides if Type has ONLY Text fields
  • Table “Out of filter” feature works inconsistently (false positives on odd changes)
  • It should not be possible to create Users from dropdown
  • Opening a card on a Timeline crashes it (“Cannot read property ‘join’ of null”)
  • Cut decimals number in tooltips
  • Formula re-calculations sometimes fail
  • Non-Admin can create a Type in an App in which he is not a Creator

Done 2019-12-22T21:00:00Z

:blowfish: New Features

  • :moneybag: Accounts limitations are enabled. Beta users got 1 year for free without limitations

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Entity View: Collapse left area if it has no controls inside

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Some buttons look like disabled when they’re not (on light theme colors)
  • Permissions: Text (also number etc) fields are editable in table even if the entity isn’t available for editing
  • It is not possible to add new entity from Table if Name is off or Name is not first
  • Entity View hangs tab for nested relation (Task->Tasks)
  • Errors should hide after 5 seconds
  • Fibery core crashes with OOM

:broccoli: In progress

  • Color coding on Board, Timeline and Table
  • Login from web site
  • Migration from Trello
  • Infrastructure improvements (to prepare History service implementation)

Done 2019-12-15T21:00:00Z

:blowfish: New Features

  • Export into CSV from Table View
  • Single select rework: Better performance & create new entities from selector

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Delete cards from boards and timelines via … menu
  • Delete All Data action in App (now you can quickly delete sample data, for example)

:beetle: Bugs

  • Whiteboard: Maximum call stack size error
  • When View filtered by Relation, new entity created does not have this relation applied
  • Search sometimes did not index new entities
  • Notifications are duplicated in Slack

Done 2019-12-07T21:00:00Z

:beetle: Bugs

  • Timeline with groups by Assignee throws error
  • Confusion when adding an app with the same name as in app gallery
  • Wiki crashes when insert image using Ctrl+V after typing “/”
  • Slack bot help fixes
  • Change default value for single select raises client error
  • Edit relation control shows cardinality incorrectly
  • Files column is available as unit on Table view
  • Formula Count doesn’t recalculate its value

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Make Name column/unit hidable in all Views
  • Table View: Allow to make not ‘name’ field as first column (before ‘name’)
  • Table View: Hint with full text of entity ‘name’ on mouse hover
  • Confirm/guarantee that focused input changes persist


:carrot: Tables don’t reload when you change filters, fields, sort
:carrot: Double click on image to zoom it


:carrot: New DatePicker UI Component
:carrot: Table View: Add new entity in Table View
:carrot: Table View: Re-size columns in Table View
:carrot: Table View: Add new Field as a column


:carrot: Now you can re-order fields on all views (Board, Timeline, List, Calendar and Table)


:carrot: Public API
:carrot: New Filter: Assignees contains Me


:mushroom: Web Hooks disabled so far. We are going to re-write them in future.
:beetle: Images in rich edit field are back.


:beetle: Now you can use any language to name Types and Fields.
:beetle: We’ve removed restriction on Type and Field name length, so you can name Types like “Very Important Thing I want to Store in Fibery Forever” and even more inventively.
:carrot: Table View with very limited initial functionality is available for critical eye to review and suffer.


:beetle: Event service was extracted from the core, so performance and scalability somewhat increased (or not)


:beetle: Decimal Fields were not visible in Filters somehow
:carrot: Recent Items section in Search shows all recently visited Views and opened Entities by default


:carrot: Formula Field (some bugs are still there, fixing them). Here is the Formulas Guide:


:carrot: Quick Search

:carrot: Import from CSV

Units of Types abbreviation


:carrot: RichEdit field in API and Zapier. Full public API is coming soon, we are writing documentation and work on Authentication. This part of done.
:beetle: “Not Found” error in case of quick navigation to newly created object
:beetle: Esc doesn’t work in Entity View


:beetle: Cannot open newly created entity from inner list
:beetle: Invalid retrospective sample data: missing references
:beetle: Blank page if user logins without any saved settings in Local Storage
:beetle: Relative date filter doesn’t work in lane filters


:carrot: Auto-filter drop downs for related entities. For example, you have Team - Epic - Feature hierarchy. When you add new Feature and select a Team, you want to have Epics filtered by selected Team automatically to speed up field selection. Now Fibery do this for hierarchical relations.


:beetle: Drag and drop in left menu for entities
:beetle: Now you can use Russian language to name Types
:carrot: Customize Units in Lists inside Entity View


:game_die: We’ve changed icon set and all your Apps may have random new icons now. Sorry, it will not happen again.
:carrot: Faster UI performance
:carrot: You can try CSV Import, but so far it can create new Types only and not import into existing Types


:beetle: Redirect to strange places after App installation
:mushroom: We hated new icons in left menu and changed them again. Looks better now.
:balloon: You can customize States right in Type Editor


:mushroom: Enjoy (or hate) new icons in left menu
:beetle: Unexpected redirect after Type rename
:beetle: Disable a possibility to sort Users by Claim and other strange fields
:beetle: You can add and delete Types (again)


:beetle: Relations are visible again
:carrot: Checkbox List in Rich Edit field (ToDo list)


:carrot: There is no more No State, No Value columns on Boards. You have to select default value for all Single Select fields.

:carrot: “Does not contain” filter addd
:beetle: You can logout now


:carrot: Filter rows and columns on boards and rows on timeline


  • Drop downs data is loading much faster now. Almost instantly.


  • Drag and drop in left menu is enabled. You can reorder Views and Entities. Favorites section reorder is yet to come.
  • Came! Reorder items in Favorites section
  • Sort and Filters: now you can select same fields when several Types are visible on View (Bugs and Stories, for example)
  • Values in related Entity drop down are sorted A-Z now


  • Rich Edit field: on/off List formatting
  • Rich Edit field: when you create Entity from text, you can search for Entity Type now


  • Now it is possible to sort entities in Board View
  • Rich Edit field: Comments added

What is this, and how do I use it?

I guessed it might be the same as GitHub or Dropbox Paper’s checkbox syntax and tried entering [ ], - [ ], [], - [] and it didn’t do what I expected to do.

@ento I see. In fact it was a fix that allowed turn on and off numbered and bullet list formatting. Checkbox List component is in our backlog. But we did not start implementation yet.

Ah okay, then I think it would be clearer to either not list that fix in the changelog (since it’s not user-visible yet) or clarify that it’s a preparatory bug fix. I’d also suggest marking each bullet point as bug fix, new feature, or enhancement, so that it’s quicker to scan and understand the changelog entries.

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Good idea! Will do it.

Few questions about timelines.

  1. Do you plan coloring/formatting options for you timeline? I mean change colors of bars/tasks in timeline depending the custom field of entity.
  2. Do you plan to implement visual dependencies for timeline tasks?
  3. Do you plan to make folders/filter for timeline backlog panel?
  4. Do you plan to implement lane grouping (including nested), sorting and extended filtering? For example, lanes are teams/departments and sublanes are assignees, and I can exclude some departments from view.
  5. Also ‘weeks’ zoom is desired, it feels like the gap between ‘days’ and ‘months’ views.
  6. Also I’ve got an error after attempt to create new assignee from timeline grouped by assignee (see screenshot).

Your timeline feature looks very nice, but these features are desired for 100% utilization.

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Hey Vitali,

“Plan” is such a vague word, so I’ll use probabilities instead.

  1. coloring/formatting options — 50% in the next 6 months, 90% in the next 2 years. Not just for Timeline, but also for other views;
  2. visual dependencies — 20% 6m, 50% 2y;
  3. folders/filter for timeline backlog panel — 50% 6m, 90% 2y chance of redesigning Timeline backlog from scratch. Filters are likely, while folders are not;
  4. nested lanes — 5% 6m, 30% 2y. Would suggest using context Timelines for Teams/Departments instead;
  5. ‘weeks’ zoom — 90% 6m;
  6. should be fixed by now :slight_smile:

Would you please share what you’re planning? Is it a product roadmap?

Hi - looks like import from CSV to new or existing type has been removed. Is this coming back?