CHANGELOG: June 8 / Minor improvements and bug fixes

Documents: show formatting hotkeys in tooltips

Now you can see hotkeys tooltips in text formatting menu and learn how to do things faster:

Formula: Date function

Now you can use exact dates in formulas, like this:

[End Date] < Date(2020, 1, 26)

Table View: New Entity action in … menu

Now you can add new record into the large tables faster via … right menu:


  • Vacations template improved
  • Software development template improved with Sprints
  • Some minor performance improvements for Table View and Entity View

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Permissions: users with no access to an app will no longer see hidden info on live update
  • Permissions: If a user has no access to an entity, she shouldn’t be notified about assignments, mentions, or comments in this entity.
  • Table View: scroll jumps when adding a new entity
  • Table View: make formulas values in tables black

Hi guys,

If a user has no access to an entity

What does it mean? Did you add a sharing model to the entity level?

Not yet, but you can have No Access permission to some app and users can still see some content from this app via relations and notifications, so we are fixing that

Also eager to see Entity-level permissions when you guys get to them!

Cool updates, keep up the good work! :rocket:

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