CHANGELOG: February 10 / dozens of improvements and bug fixes

:butterfly: Improvements

Favorites: Show all Context Views related entity added into Favorites section

For example, you may add your Team into Favorites and see all Boards and other Views related to your team. Handy!

Preview for shared App link should have a name and a short description

When you post somewhere a link to a shared App, now it has a sane title and description.

Other improvements

  • App sharing: Whiteboards are shared as well
  • Admins are always Creators in all Apps now, it was confusing that Admins can’t do some actions in some Apps
  • Paging for back-references. Sometimes there are hundreds of back references and this affects entity view performance. Now we show the last 5 by default and you can click a link to see all
  • When a child entity is created in a rich text field via # command, automatically link it to the current entity

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Table View: drop-down click does not open selector and blinks nastily
  • Table View: It’s impossible to create the very first option for a single select field right in the table
  • App sharing: Error on an opening report in the imported app if renaming the app
  • Import: Error while admin with No access or viewer permissions tries to import new type or import data to existing
  • Permissions: Error while admin or viewer with no access to the app tries to add new Type
  • Calendar View: Card summary visible in 30 min period Week View
  • Rich edit comments are broken for a deleted user
  • Error when trying to open a tab with resolved inline comments
  • Docs and whiteboards do not correctly get linked to an entity
  • Integromat: Rich-text Field value is missing in Integromat
  • Integromat: can’t create parent and its child in the same run
  • Adding Comment on Linked Entity breaks the link and blanks text
  • Ctrl+Z doesn’t work in docs in non-english layout
  • Adding a comment to an entity mention hides the mention
  • Cards on board are twitching after drag finished

This is a nice addition, I agree too many references showing by default was problematic. Have you guys thought about evolving this into having the references show by the source of the reference and the time, the “title” of the reference, show, but allow the user to toggle on and off the actual content? This would be handy for even more context around the given Entity, and you could quickly flip the toggle to read what was actually said in the referring entity if need be.


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