CHANGELOG: June 15 / Formulas in Action Buttons, Folders inside Smart Folders

Formulas in Action Buttons

Actions Buttons are becoming powerful. In this release, you can use Formulas to set values in all fields. Just click formula icon near the field and write your formula.

For example, here we create a button that will add a new bug in a feature, set bug’s name, set bug’s release equal to feature’s release, and assign the same people to a bug.

Action Buttons execution activity

Now you can track when Action Button was executed. Find Activity tab in Action Button setup.

Folders inside Smart Folders

Now you can create Folders inside Smart Folders to better organize documents and views.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Workspace switches to read-only when 21st user is added on Team plan
  • Scroll for big videos works badly
  • Search doesn’t work in Assignees dropdown
  • Live updates don’t work for Files on Entity View
  • Live update doesn’t work for view rename
  • Reset password email doesn’t send to a deactivated user
  • Table View: No choice in single/multi select in Table view if there are more than 200 options
  • Table View: it’s easier to discover how to open an entity from a table view now
  • List View: Units ordering is broken in view settings for All types section


Will this capability be added to Automations? I notice that currently in an Automation formula I cannot reference the entity’s fields:

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Hello, @Matt_Blais

Thanks for question. It should be available for automations as well. Please use [Step 1 Task] to reference the field of Task. For example [Step 1 Task].Meeting.


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Great update! Was eager to use a regular folder inside a smart folder to put reports in but found out that we are not yet able to position reports within smart folder.

Great news :slight_smile:

I tested my use-case, which was previously not possible, of having a button to “Move User Story to next sprint”. I think it is still not possible, but if someone has an idea that would be great.

My sprints have a date range (beginning and end) and a status field (Past, Current, Next) which is a formula field calculated based on those dates.

It seems it is not possible to use a calculated field as the basis for my action. It doesn’t appear in the list.

And my Dates field being a range, I didn’t find any way to set up a formula that checks if this range encompasses Today(), as the formula expects a date range in return and it doesn’t seem possible to generate one through formulas ?


The following formula (boolean) will be true if today is within the date range:

(ToDays(Today() - DateRange.Start) > -1) and (ToDays(DateRange.End - Today()) > 0)

It seems that the -1 is needed instead of 0, presumably something to with the way date ranges and Today() are stored internally.

Thank you for making the action buttons more powerful. I do like the new features, but I also like how the previous action buttons were made visible in the entities, as it provided a quick and more user friendly way to activate an action, especially for new users, who may not know where to find the “actions”. An example is returning this library book, where the librarian just search for it (ctrl-k), and clicks on the “Return Me” button.

I’ll really appreciate it if we can get back the ability to add an action button to an entity (and also to a table), like before. I also don’t mind working with javascripts, like before.
Thank you.

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I believe the in-Entity buttons are coming back at some point.


Will there eventually be a way to also use formulas for adding assignees with buttons/automations?

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Hopefully we will be able to harness all abilities of Automations from Buttons. :question:

Yes, that is how we designed it. Moreover, it takes formulas into the loop as well. For example, when we will add some new functions, like Sort, it will be possible to use it in Actions and in Automations right away.


“I believe the in-Entity buttons are coming back at some point.”

Any update on this? Thanks.

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Not yet, but it is in plans for the next few months.


Is there a timeline set for this? Thanks

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