CHANGELOG: Aug 11 / Color coding in Table View, Set an empty value in automations, dozen bug fixes

Color coding in Table View paints the rows

Table View color coding works for the whole row now, so records are more visible.

Automation buttons & rules: Set an empty value/clear field

Now you can clear value in field by button or rule. Sometimes you want to clear a date field or other fields on some event.

Rules and Action small improvements

  • Make failed rules more distinguishable
  • Show that Action is not valid anymore ( Type deleted, Relation removed, extension uninstalled)

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • Type is not get renamed on User Profile if it was installed from the template
  • Cut search params when generating a link for the Entity (and make URL short)
  • Unable to “Open in new tab” from the search results
  • Menu refreshes when user opens entity in Search Results
  • Impossible to convert entity opened in sidebar
  • Automation: Update action for empty child-collection is considered as fail
  • History: Fix UI in the history for deleted/added points in the list
  • Whiteboard: Fix highlight for selected period in Date Range selector
  • Automations: fields with a space in name do not work in template markup
  • Error on UI while export to markdown in Safari

whoa you folks are on a roll! :heart:


Is there a way to clear a field using the API?

There is, but why not use the update field action (choose update field and then from the … options menu, choose clear value)?

I’d like to use an API call to transfer the value in one field to another (cut and paste) for thousands of records. I don’t actually use actions much so I’m unfamiliar with how they work. Can they be triggered via API?
What is the value for the API?
Btw, for the solution here, I actually used the Integromat module and passed in their erase variable.

I just meant an automation action.
So you could create a button like this:

and then select as many entities as applicable, and press the button for all of them:

And if you want, you can clear a field as well: