CHANGELOG: April 22 / 🌶 Automated Actions, new Toolbar in all Views, Duplicate Document, and a Pen

Yes, it’s almost ready on fact, we will add it into some future release.

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Don’t mean to take over the discussion from @Chr1sG, but my meeting notes example is one that could potentially use the mentioned conditional branching feature:

Use Case:

  • I have meetings with key stakeholder organizations regularly and want to manage tasks we generate from the meetings
  • There are often key discussion areas we always want to cover, but it differs per team i meet with. For example, with Marketing we typically cover SEO, Email, Push Notifications, etc as regular topics. I manually copy these into the meeting notes at the moment to serve as reminders to think about it.
  • When creating a new meeting, I’d like to trigger adding some text to the rich text field once an organization is added to the meeting.
  • So, if there was branching or something equivalent, then I could say if org=Sales, append headings a, b and c. If org=Marketing, append headings c, d, & e.

Notion accomplishes something similar by having templates that you can associate with a type, so when you add a new entity you could say, “Add New Marketing Meeting”. Writing this out made me realize that we can now use the action buttons to generate templated entities, which i think might be the biggest use case for me with these automated action buttons.

Still, i could see it being useful to trigger off of an entity being associated with another entity, then applying some kind of conditional or fall-through logic to make changes to the new entity based on which one was associated. You could potentially lookup a value from the associated entity, which would avoid the conditional logic requirement to do what I described.


I click on a button, and the steps to be taken depends upon who I am, e.g. if Assignee = me, do this, else do nothing.

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Hi Michael, do you remember we had some dialogue a couple of years ago about facilitating Agile scrum for business? At that time we used Target Process for this, but the overload of functionality and mostly SW development related info on cards was rather confusing for business users. I am now again looking for a light, scrum for business tooling where we can create roadmap items (epics) which we can refine into work packages (features) and then detail into tasks, which are realized in context of 2-weekly sprints. I need 3 related views/boards in which cross functional teams from different organization collaborate: 1 facilitating the Steering Committee, 1 for the team(s), and 1 for the individual team member.
Could Fibery facilitate such? A penny for your thoughts!

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Actions, trigger, templates and user-interactions are all heavily intermingled and (if properly implemented) a killer feature.

I see some major feature blocks:

  • Modification of entities (manually triggered by a user)
  • modification of entities (auto trigger through conditions)
  • Actions with additional user-interaction (user will give additional parameters that will influence the action chain / output)

the first 2 seem to be (though complex) in major focus - the third option however holds a huge potential (of joy AND headaches).

Example 1

  • User wants to create a PROJECT (entity) with N MILESTONES (entity child of project)
  • Within PROJECT the user hits the “create milestones” buttons
  • a modal provides additional attributes: amount of milestones (integer), date for the first milestone, naming-scheme and so on

Example 2
After the user has successfully created the PROJECT with n MILESTONES she might find herself in the need to postpone the milestones (eg by 1 month each)

  • she hits the button “Move all milestones”
  • A modal pops up, where she can specify the amount of month to postpone all milestones

We already use a similar process with the action buttons and additional fields for interaction within the entity - but that just clutters the entity with a lot of additional fields.

Looking forward to see these great features.


From a high level view this is possible, please describe desired Views in more details and then I will be able to evaluate the possibility:

What I need is following:

  • Basic scrum functionality: User-stories, tasks, sprints, ability to assign people to tasks, tasks to sprints
  • Inheriting data through relationships: for instance when moving a user-story from one spint to another, all related tasks, people assigned, etc follow, or when creating a task in context of a user-story which is related to a specific entity, the entity data goes with the taks
  • Ability to create views on different aggregation level: Overall user story overview, sprint planning board, individual task board (planned, busy, done)
    Would that be possible?


Everything is possible except this thing maybe (at least partially). If you do assign Tasks to Sprints, when you move User Story then Tasks will remain in the old Sprint. If you don’t assign Tasks to Sprints, all will be fine.

Okay. But if a task is not closed in a sprint such can be identified/ notified? So taken into account preparing for a new sprint?
If so, how to test-trial?

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Hi Michael, this is really looking promising. It could possible enable/drive the Customer Success Programs we have with customers.
I’d like to test it with app 10 people internally within our organization and app 10 on customer side.
Could we agree upon a trial period for such?

Our default trial is 14 days, but feel free to register an account Fibery | Start for free, upgrade when you love it and contact us vial Live Chat if you will need to extend it, that is not a problem.

I believe in the worst case it can be done via automated Action Button. I still not sure what you need exactly, but it is possible to create a button that will Finish the current sprint and do all required things

Hey, very cool update, thanks!

A question about action buttons : will it be possible in a future release to have an action that changes a 1-1 or 1 to many relationship based on criteria either on the selected item or the linked item?

Simple example, let’s say a button that pushes a given task or story to the next sprint. My “next” sprint is actually a Sprint entity with a status labeled “Next” based on a formula (using dates).
I’d like to push a button to switch the existing relationship Story A - - > Sprint X to whichever sprint is matching the criteria status = ‘Next’.


From what I hear, @jordkoot seems to be asking for functionality that exists in TargetProcess for years: a User Story owns Tasks, but both of these entities can also be owned by a Sprint. So a User Story can move to done even though one of its Tasks it still open. Kind of weird I admit, but some of our stories include “meat” of the spec, and some of the tasks are things like “document feature better” that still needs to be done, but is definitely part of that story.

I really like the idea of making pdf from entities data.
Currently, even via zapier or so there is few services to do that. I know of pdfMonkey, but it is not really user friendly and more importantly not so easy to integrate with fibery.

I think the “generate pdf action” could be really amazing if we could generate pdfMake doc definition instead of (in addition of) markdown templates.
The syntax is quite easy for the easy things but could be much more powerfull (columns, tables, styles, …) for more advanced scenarios.

What do you think about it ?


Please put back the action button, like it was before - as visible field.
It was very comfortable to click on it directly from the table, but now it hided in entity

Yes, we are going to re-enable it.


I LOVE the old action button, but now I can’t seem to add anymore new ones on my entities. I can see that my old buttons are still there, but no way for me to add new ones. Please help!

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Unfortunately new action buttons are not fully replicate old in this regard. We will fix it in future.


“Yes, we are going to re-enable it.”

Any update on this? Thanks

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