June 8, 2023 / User who triggered automation, old Buttons deprecated, Field search

:robot: User who triggered automation

Adjust your automations based on who triggers them:

  • track who was the last to change a certain Field
  • automatically assign the developer who moves a Story to “In progress”
  • link an Epic to the right team based on who clicked the Plan for next Quarter Button

Previously, this was possible with a script only. As you might have noticed, we have been transitioning from low-code to a proper no-code :sweat_smile:.

:parrot: Old Action Buttons are no more

Before we had proper no-code automations, we tested the waters with scripted Action Buttons. The results had been awesome, so we introduced Buttons as you know them now — with both no-code and script actions to choose from.

Back then we removed the option to create old Action Buttons, but didn’t migrate existing ones. With the latest update, the new Buttons can do everything the old ones were capable of, so the time has come for the proper migration.

Today we will convert all Action Buttons 1.0 to Buttons 2.0. You should see a more consistent appearance, experience fewer bugs, and be able to add more steps.

If something goes wrong, please ping us via the chat.

:mag: Fields search


Scrolling through a long and somewhat arbitrary sorted list of Fields when picking what to display on a View is annoying, so we’ve added a lookup for convenience.

:butterfly: Smaller improvements

  • Replicate your ClickUp Boards in Fibery with our ClickUp Integration — or, rather, import :wink:.
  • See fellow members of your workspace even if you are not an Admin.

:shrimp: Fixed bugs

  • The grid on timeline does not match the grid in dates if Weeks scale is selected
  • Wide screen: UX/CSS issues when opening another panel
  • Inside type units get reset on selection common unit
  • Duplicated document title disappears after closing original doc panel at the left
  • When a user opens a Form, fills some fields, forget it for an hour and get back, the form content can be cleared
  • Left Menu: default redirect to top most Favourite Menu Item has broken highlight
  • [Firefox] Repositioning the form image doesn’t work
  • Lack of images in tables for exported pdf
  • Disable mixin install option if field with the required name already exists
  • Fail to install workspace if sorting/filtering by not existing field is applied in relation selector
  • Units selection gets reset in config when user add new database
  • Adding new entity via # is not possible any with keyboard buttons only: pressing tab does not move cursor to database selector

Ack. Thought it could be a filter too, but no chance. So close!

Something like an automation/button filter: User is [user who triggered Rule]. Would’ve been fantastic D:

Anyway, good step forward, really useful!

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Could you please share an exact Rule that this would help you with?

Sure thing!
I have a “Stop Timer” button, and I’d like that it only stops the timer of the person pressing it (sometimes multiple people work on a task)

Being able to match any user field (user, created by, etc) with the one pressing the button would be amazing.


Awesome release!

We use buttons a lot so that the user can fill in extra information that’s needed. For example a button to provide extra information for a task :arrow_down:

The ‘Add Taken Item’ and ‘Add new Taak to Taken list’ is not very helpful for a user. Also we currently can’t

  • Set default values
  • Make fields required or not
  • Provide a proper description (like “not all fields are mandatory; you can fill in deadline or planning field”

Would be really awesome if we can trigger form views while clicking on a button. Since we do have all that functionality in form views :star_struck: