CHANGELOG: July 22 / Action Buttons in Table View, Improvements and bug fixes

Action Buttons in Table View

Now you can enable Actions in Table View as usual units.


:exploding_head: Use Formulas (and Lookups) as Group membership relation

Now permissions flow through lookups and formulas as well. Sometimes there is no direct relation between a Group and a User and you have to calculate it.

This is a seriously complex shit. Let me try to explain.

Here is the case from our customer:

So in this case you will be able to enable Use Roles to manage App access lookup setting and Role will become a Group.

Percent formatting

A new option to format Number Fields so they look nice — % Percent: 0.123 becomes 12.3%.

Automation Rules: Allow setting entity to collection fields via formulas

It was not possible to set a single entity to a collection. For example, you wanted to assign a creator to the task, but got an error:

Now it works.

Fixed bugs

  • Hide the mobile menu in a shared document
  • Old number icons instead of new money and percent ones are used in entity history, audit log
  • Permissions: Not informative error when User tries to change the Group (to-one relation) in profile.
  • Permissions: Forbid to edit relations in User Profile if user has read-only permissions to the related Type
  • Permissions: Member is not able to edit fields of primitive types and doesn’t see single and multi selects on his own profile
  • Whiteboard: Types to which user has read-only permissions are available in Convert To action
  • Automation: If you forget to give a name to the rule it will exit without actually saving the rule
  • Formula doesn’t allow to use words, that start with “or” & “and”

Loving it all :heart:
You guys are awesome!