CHANGELOG: Jan 5, 2022 / Export ALL the data, Limit max amount of entities in Board/Calendar/List Views, and more

:fishing_pole_and_fish: Export all the data

Now you can export all workspace data into Markdown and CSV files. It should reduce fear level and help you feel safer or migrate to the other tool easier (not recommended).

Click to the top left menu, navigate to workspace settings and find Export Workspace button. It will initiate exporting process and you will receive an email with a link to an archive. Note that export may take up to an hour if you have 100K entities.

:shorts: Limit max amount of entities in Board/Calendar/List Views

When you have many entities, Views are hard to create, since they load all the data by default. We added 3K limit to speed things up:

If you feel that limits are not good for your specific case, please ping us and we will do something about it. Overall we think that these Views are useless with too many entities, but who knows…

:watch: Suggest to create Date fields in Timeline/Calendar setup

When you create Timeline or Calendar View, but don’t have dates for selected database, now you can quickly add dates fields right here without losing context:

2022-01-05 17.15.42

Show partial highlights in search results titles

Now when you try to find something, search term in titles will be highlighted as well. It makes search slightly more convenient.

Fixed bugs

  • User can not disable automation rule/button with “Not available any more” actions
  • Spaces which User doesn’t have access to are shown in “Move Type to another Space” component
  • Integration databases should be excluded from “Convert to” list
  • Error in left menu when renaming space (if a context menu has been previously opened)

It would be nice to have paging support for larger data sets.
Perhaps not so important if we have good filtering & searching (for ALL entities, not just the first 3k).

I assume it’s the sorted & filtered result set that’s limited to 3k rows?

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Paging is almost impossible to implement for Board View when you have rows and columns, for example. So it is not that easy.

What about paging for Table views, and for collection fields within an entity view?

Table has virtualization so paging is not required. Entity View is in complete re-work now and soon it will be possible to add Views inside.


@mdubakov I am also getting the notice in the calendar view. It seems a bit bizarre though, especially when the view is a weekly view. I had always assumed that the view only loaded a subset of records from the time period on screen (or maybe adjacent time periods for quicker loads) and would load more data as you changed the range.

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I was wondering if there was an update on the calendar view max data limits.

I am still not sure why the calendar view is trying to load all the data instead of filtering based on the current view range (+/- 1 or 2 periods before and after). I’ve actually ran into the situation where some of my meetings randomly (didn’t appear to be connected to when they were scheduled or created) didn’t show up and realized this was because they were not loaded. Setting filters solved the issue but this can quite confusing for users who might use a view to go back in time beyond the filter range and see no records.

I think for the calendar view, the data loading should be dynamic (i.e. as you move backward or forward in time, the view loads more entities) unless there is a specific business reason to load only a particular time range.

Let me know if this requires its own feature request.

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