Feb 29, 2024 / 🍋 Timeline View: one entity per lane mode, Configure Space via AI commands

Timeline View: one entity per lane mode

We’ve added a setting for Timeline View to display one entity per lane. As a result, you can see full names and units of entities in this mode. This setting is handy for dense timelines.

Timeline View: indicate start or end date on a card

Now it is clear when an entity starts before or ends after visible timeline duration. You can also click on an arrow to jump to the beginning or end of an entity.

2024-02-29 13.41.05

Configure Space via AI commands

Now you can modify Spaces using AI commands. For example, here we create a new Account database in CRM space with some fields:

Go to any Space and find Ask AI to configure in the top right corner.

What you can do?

  • Create, delete and rename databases
  • Create fields of various types and with specified values, rename and delete fields
  • Create relations, delete relations
  • Rename databases and fields

It can be handy if you need to quickly add many fields into some database or don’t want to deal with UI.

The operation is relatively dangerous, so this is a two-steps process. First you describe what you need and click Generate changes button, Fibery shows what it will do, and you can apply these changes.

Add snippets to formulas

Snippets are a plain text version of the rich text field, and they are now available in formulas.

You can use the snippet field in the formula as a proxy for the rich text field. For example, you can generate the entity Name field from the snippet, which was not possible before.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Only show Report source data to the ones who can configure a Report.
  • “Receive instant data updates using webhook” option is added to some integrations

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • It’s impossible to change start date via dragging left border of the entity on timeline
  • There is no possibility to select ‘Anything’ back in AI search
  • Text unit: width jumps unpredictably in when editing
  • Undo does not restore links between entity and back-refs
  • Dark Theme: Some integration icons are almost invisible on space settings screen
  • Wrong data is displayed in duplicated reports
  • Configure fields sidebar is closed if any key is pressed
  • Re-arranging button on entity view leads to error
  • Remove tooltips for expanded pinned Fields
  • Whoops error in attempt to import specific template to another space

Awesome release :heart_eyes:

Really like the new timeline!

And the snippet formula also solves a problem in our workspace :partying_face:

In which integrations is this added?

AFAIK Intercom and Slack

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So I’m impressed with the release velocity as always and I don’t have enough good things to say about Fibery. Yet I do have to say I’ve been waiting for this release for a while and now I’m feeling a bit bummed out. Seeing full names and units of entities in the timeline view has been a necessity for a while, but killing off multiple entities in the same lane to achieve it feels like a step backwards.

I’m hoping maybe this is an ‘in-between’ solution? Waterfall with dependencies view requires single lane for sure (i.e. Gannt, which we don’t use) , and you might have that on the horizon, but timeline view virtually demands multiple entities per lane - that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? And in a dense roadmap - and different timeline views of just organizing projects and tasks, full names are essential, but granting full names at the cost of altering the essential structure of the entire view doesn’t really work to me.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Allow multi entity with full name in the same lane
  2. Collision Step 1 - flip the label text alignment to left vs right
  3. Collision Step 2 - if there’s no room for left/right alignment switch, bump the new/updated entity label one row up/down
  4. Collision Option - if Step 1 or 2 are not wanted, or not enough, make the label pop-out from the entity with a short lead line to point back to the entity (seen this in a few roadmap/timeline tools)

IMHO step 1 & 2 alone would probably be sufficient.

No doubt it involves more logic, but I had to switch off the single-lane option right away because it just disrupts the timeline view. At the same time, not having full label view has always been a problem - one that I’ve been really hoping will get solved, and one where I see and remember the issue being solved in other tools (without losing multi-entity in single lane).

Thanks for considering :bowing_man:

This problem is relatively hard to solve. We tried to see how our existing component can handle it and did not find good ways. Did you see it solved in any other tool?

I like the improvements to the timeline view, especially after yesterday’s additions! It looks much cleaner now, and full background coloring for items is a game changer for visual structure and emphasis.

However, I have to agree that now allowing contiguous items on the same lane, even if the labels don’t overlap, really adds some visual clutter to an otherwise nicely separated week view:

Here’s the dates for reference:

Is there a way to keep same lane positioning, if the labels don’t exceed the available space?
(This is btw with the “Display one Entity per Lane” toggle disabled.)

Do you mean 'not allowing … '?

Yes, “not allowing”. Sorry, that’s a typo.

This is a bug, we fixed and and it will be on prod today.

Thank you! Can confirm that it landed on prod – views are back to its original “compactness” :slight_smile: Thanks again for the quick response!