Avatars/Colors/Lanes for Milestones in Timeline View

I’m loving the ability to add both duration events and separate deadlines in the timeline view. It makes planning project phases against contracted deadlines extremely intuitive.

The difficulty we’re running up against is that when resource planning a number of different projects against one another, it can be difficult to know which project the deadline belongs to.

One workaround is to name all deadlines with the project name, but this is less than ideal for a number of reasons, and becomes redundant in every other view, where I can put a project avatar alongside the deliverable name.

A better way for our team would involve one (or possibly all!) of the following:

  • The Milestones extending over only the lane to which they relate, when the Timeline has Lanes set by a relation of theirs.
  • The ability to add fields to the milestone hover-view (at least an avatar)
  • The ability to color the Milestone on a per-project (or abstract relational) basis
  • Replacing the dot at the top of the Milestone with the avatar from a relation of our choice.

Any of these would make resource planning one project against others vastly more intuitive.

Thank you!