Backup entire workspace?

It would be great to have a way to back up or create a checkpoint not just of a single app, but all apps and all their data in my account.

I am paranoid that someone might delete a type/field/app by mistake, resulting in unrecoverable data loss.


HI, we had a similar discussion with @antoniokov the other day and I promised to send some material over. The actual idea was to give the Workspace some kind of AWS Credentials for a Customer Owned S3 bucket. The Whole Workspace will be copied over there including metadata as JSON/YAML what or similar as archive. In an unexpected event, anyone can recover the data as long they are well-structured.

The inspiration was coming from backup, a Github Backup tool:

I think the original feature request relates more to ‘undelete’ (which is WIP according to fibery twitter) rather than disaster recovery, which seems closer to your proposal (also important of course).

@Chr1sG Even though the original request is about the “undelete”, the whole-workspace backup feature is important for the teams relying on the know how captured in fibery.

@Holger_Winkelmann Is there any progress on that?

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