Can you automate "convert to..."?

I would like to convert incoming email messages to another database type when messages are created. Is this possible to do with automations?

It’s definitely possible. You can create a relation between emails and the new type (database) and trigger a rule on creation of an email entity that causes a new entity to be created (of the other type) with its fields populated with values taken from the email entity.
Optionally you could even delete the original email as the last action.

I’m not sure why you would want to do it though, but that’s a different issue. Perhaps you would like to explain why it would help you…

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Hi @Chr1sG ! +1 on this. I’ve been doing it this way:

  1. Save to Fibery (chrome extension)
  2. I add a keyword to the entity name because I don’t want to spend extra seconds looking for the correct database
  3. Through the keyword + automation, a new entity will be created in the target database

My question is, how do I copy the description field? I’m thinking “Append Content to Description” but I don’t know what to put in this box to extract the description of the original entity:

It’s currently not possible to extract rich text without using a script, unfortunately.

It is now possible :partying_face: