Create entity via email


Does anyone have a solution or workaround to ‘create an entity by sending an e-mail to a special email address’?

ClickUp and Trello have a unique email address per list or board. If you send an email to that email address, it creates an entity.

Would be great if I can somehow manage the same in Fibery via Zapier/Make/N8N/something else :smile:

Else I will make a feature request for this.


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You could set up an email integration tied to a generic email address, e.g.
Then, you can set up a variety of automations that will create an entity whose type and name depend on (parts of) the subject of any incoming message.
So, for example, an email with the subject ‘Task - Do this’ would create a Task entity called ‘Do this’ and so on.

Alternatively, you could set up multiple email addresses e.g.,, etc. and set up integrations for each of them.
This would make it easier for users to send emails (not having to worry about formatting etc. - just take the subject as the name) but is a bit more work to set up.


Oh boy, I didn’t even thought about Fibery’s built-in integration :sweat_smile: And didn’t searched in the guide. Apologies; this is awesome :smile:

Anyone have an example of this done?

If you have an active email integration, you will have a Message database, where new emails will appear each time a sync occurs.
If you link the Message db to another db (e.g. Task) you can create an automation to add a new Task whenever an email Message appears (optionally with filters).
Ping us in the chat if you have problems getting it working (although you’ll probably only get a response on Monday :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Ahh, thanks for the clarification. I had somehow missed the email integration topic in the guideline. I’ll set that up first and take it from there. Thanks a lot.