Add optional 'link to entity' to the convert function

Currently there is a ‘Convert to’ option in the right-click menu. This results in a new entity which contains a copy of the content of the original entity.
However, in most of my cases (let me know if that is the case for you?) converting an entity to another entity type, would benefit from automatically creating a relationship between the two. At least allow this to be optional with a checkbox.

This is not likely with the current Fibery framework.
Given that an entity in one DB can be converted into an entity in any other DB, supporting this would imply that there are relationships between every DB in the whole workspace, and in the majority of cases, these relation fields would be empty.
It would create unnecessary extra load, and create visual clutter.

It will be interesting to hear what your use cases are for converting between DBs. If it is something that you do often for specific DB-pairs, then perhaps you might consider a creating a relationship between these DBs and setting up a dedicated button to do the conversion (and create a link).

One of my spaces is a zettelkasten with fleeting notes that I convert to permanent notes and other notes. Other users in this forum also speak about a similar use in which they convert notes.

Because of the difference in properties of the note types, I prefer not to put all note types in one database and use a note type select field, also because I need to keep the original versions next to the converted versions.

I tried the option of automation button to create a permanent note and copy the data of the fleeting note, but it appears that rich text fields cannot be copied in the automation. Please let me know if this is true?

As a result, linking the fleeting note with the new permanent note will require manually creating the link each time.

You can create an automation that will allow a newly-created entity to inherit rich-text content from a linked entity.
So, assuming you have a relation between Fleeting Notes DB and Permanent Notes DB, when you create a Permanent Note (using a button in the Fleeting Notes DB) you can trigger an automation (in the Permanent Notes DB) that copies over content from the source Fleeting Note.
It would use the Overwrite <Rich Text Field> action, utilising markdown, e.g. {{Fleeting Note.Rich text field}}

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A suggestion here : if a “comments field” exists, add the link in the comment field

Something similar exists on github with forks :