Buttons in sidebar [DONE]

Is there a way to get buttons to show up in the sidebar, instead of them being hidden behind the ••• menu up at the top? This would greatly improve the adoption of our best practices and the discoverability of the features we created.


Hello, @dragan

Thanks for your feedback. The ability to change buttons position is in our plans. But can’t say exactly when it will be implemented. Anyway thanks for letting us know, it will effect the position of this feature in backlog.



I totally upvote for this. In fact, I had been requesting this since last year. Thanks.

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I think I had made a request to bring back the action button on the entity view, as it was in the early days. It’s more intuitive for the user to click on a button that acts on an entity in that entity itself, rather than …

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Both my colleagues already provided some details, but I’ll also share some “backend” issues?tips?hidden secret knowledges?.
As we’re working on Blocks, its implementation would entail Entity View full redesign.
So if we change smth there (for example, will add Buttons, ability to hide fields, relation filed filtering and etc.), we would have to redesign it one more time (and for some cases full implementation will be required)
So we do really note every request, and once the main work on Blocks would be finished, it will be much easier for us to prioritize some requests and give better eta, than “someday” :slight_smile:

So, this great feature has to wait a bit more before the kickstart (and on my own, I do also wait so much for it because that three dots pattern is definitely not my favorite one). And once there will be any progress, would be glad to notify you here :sparkling_heart:


Finally done and available among experimental features :muscle: