[DONE] Add Action Buttons to Views

It would be quite useful to be able to add Action Buttons to a View.
For example, in a Table view I could select a number of rows and click a Button to do something like “Change Status to Done” for all selected rows.

I would also hope that in a Table view, if no rows had the checkbox checked, the Button script could still discern which row was the “current row” (i.e. has the input focus), and thus the script could act on that row “as if” it was selected – just to save us from always having to first select a checkbox before pressing a button, in the case that we want to act only on the currently-focused row.

This is in progress, it will be possible to create Actions for Types and these actions will be visible in ALL views where this Type is visible automatically. Imagine you created an action Close Bug, and if you have a Table, Timeline, Board or List view with Bugs, this action will be available.

The second part of your request is much more complex to implement, not sure it will be done in near future

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BTW, Action setup preview

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