Why do you call it a Button? 🤔

Why have you decided to call the automation action a “button”?
I haven’t found a way to actually show it as an actual button.
Confusing? Yes!

Initially it was a button in Entity View and it was possible to place it on UI. But when we re-implemented actions it was removed, but we will add it back eventually!

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Is there an indicative timeline to bring back the button on the entity? I have a couple of types that have buttons on them, but there is no way for me to add new types with button. You can imagine having some entities with buttons prominently displayed, and some hidden in ‘…’. Thanks.

We have them in scope for the next 1-2 months. Priority is this:

  1. Implement pinned fields
  2. Hide fields in right panel
  3. Bring back buttons

Just wondering if there’s any update on bringing back the button to the entity view. Thanks

1 is done, 2 is in progress, 3 soon :crossed_fingers:

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Latest news:

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Thank you, thank you :clap::+1: