"Big" button to add entity

Hi again Guys,

Wanted to add a simple request. I expect other users may be able to relate to this one.

I have found myself missing the ability to “quick add” an entity in Fibery. Not only would I like to see a “big” button that would always be visible in the general desktop view for this, like in Notion:

And Zenhub:

but I think a keyboard shortcut as well would be great.

Right now I’m having to “favorite” my most used tables, then navigate to each one to add new entities. It’s a pretty cumbersome process.

As far as how to figure out where these new entities would go, there are various approaches: You could have a dialogue box pop that would as you to select which Type for the new Entity, or simply add in by default to the last used Type.

Thanks guys for considering this!

@B_Sp I hope we will solve this problem via Actions. It will be possible to create and invoke various actions in Search field using Cmd+K. Here is the sketch how we see it. What do you think?

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@mdubakov, and thank you for this as well!

Sorry if I should understand better, but it looks like the sketch is of an entity view. If the idea is to type “ctrl” + “K,” pop up the search bar ( a great feature ), and then from there quick add via keyboard shortcut, that would do the trick. Adding new entities within other entity related fields is also great and I use that extensively. But what I’m looking for is the ability to add a new entity quickly when in the “home” area of Fibery. If all I had to do is click “ctrl” + “k,” and then another key or two to do that, that would be great!

Thank you again.