Ability to Set Form as Default New Button

Selecting a form from the New button is awesome. Would love to be able to pick a form as the default and avoid the database page forever.

Why does having a default form mean you don’t need to visit the db config page?
Or more interestingly, what do you currently use the db page for that you don’t want to have to do?

I mean that I want to change the behaviour of the new button to use a form instead of the standard input flow

Yes, I got that, but wondered why you wanted to


By ‘database page’ do you mean the entity view?

My guess is that he doesn’t want to use the table on the database view. Either way, I was just about to suggest this idea.

Why would this be useful?

  1. I have several automation that link multiple software together. One of the automation would take new entities upon creation and send them over to another system. However, I need more than just the name in order for the integration to work. There is a workaround here but it is not great.
  2. Another example is that there are some entities that I do not want users to be able to create without certain information. For example, for a help desk ticket, I may want to require a priority to be placed on it so I know how quickly to act. And maybe only high-priority items should notify me.

Possible UI

Expected Behavior - I placed phases to show different levels of usefulness

  • Phase 1 - If the user clicks on the new button (not on the arrow) or creates a new entity outside of the new button, then it will open the default form for that view.
  • Phase 2 - There could be a default placed on the database that would trigger a form anytime an entity is created from anywhere in the system. Debatable - This could be overridden on a specific view by setting a default form for that view.
  • Phase 3 - A default form could be connected to workflows, so that when there is a state change a form must be completed to finalize the state change.

Phase 3 would be the ultimate usefulness as it would make it so that users were always inputting in the needed data during a workflow.

I get that he doesn’t want to use ‘database view’ (for whatever reason) but I don’t understand what this has to do with how a form works.
There are loads of places where you can create an entity without using the db view, so I would say that db view is ‘avoidable’ irrespective of what you do with forms. but nevermind. :person_shrugging:

From his and your posts, is it correctly understood that you want to limit creation of an entity to always being achieved via a form?
And is this basically a way of achieving ‘required fields’ on entity creation?

We don’t currently have a nice way of making fields mandatory in all places where entity creation can occur, but I can see some other related topics:

It is possible that the solution to the ‘required fields’ problem might be enforcing specific form view usage, but there might be other ways it could be solved.

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FYI: we can provide much more information about a field in a more UI friendly way when an entity is created via form.

Plus we can change ‘name’ into something that is more suitable for the use case/database.

Would be awesome if we can use the button to open a form when there is one or choose a form when there are multiple forms. Since the list / board / grid etc already provide options to add new entities.


Yes, required fields upon creation and state change would solve a lot of this.