I hope we can set the default related views as a field for a items

for example,I want to set a default form-view as a new field for a new task -item in the tasks-database, which can quicker collect some necessary information for this task. But it seems cannot realize now, after I try appending to the document in the automations

I’m not sure I get this. Are you mixing up some terms?
I don’t know what it means to ‘set a view as a field for a new entity’

Do you mean that you want to embed/link to a view in a rich text field automatically when an entity is created?
If so, you might want to read this topic thread.

Do you want to set a particular Form to be used by default when creating new entities for a particular DB?

Yes and I hope the form-view
can be shown in the corresponding in
the description-field of the particular entity.