404 Galore - Can I be the only one?

Perhaps because I’m the one to choose to migrate our team to Fibery, I am playing many roles: user, tester, architect, developer, evangelist.

One thing I keep running into is 404 pages that result from setting something up one way at one point in time then finding a better way to do it later. So littered through our spaces are scores of missing/deleted entities.

Is there any kind of way to more efficiently address this, kind of like a private .htaccess? I imagine it SHOULD not be such a problem over time. But wondering if there’s something more efficient than hunting them down one-by-one (of course we could scrape the spaces to add some economies of scale in finding what’s broken, but that’s a bit hacky).


Can you give a concrete example. Is it where you have mentioned an entity/document, but the entity has subsequently been deleted?
If that’s the case, then it would suggest that we need to make it more obvious when deleting an entity/document that there are references that point to it.
The references field allows users to see when something is being mentioned, but I guess not everyone looks there carefully before deleting.

That is a great idea :grinning:
Perhaps the existing “Really Delete?” confirmation could include info like:

Really delete?
This entity is referenced in 79 places :astonished:

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