Whiteboard representation of relationships

I have been using whiteboard to show relationships between entities with some success, but so far it has only worked well if the relationship is one-to-many. If the relationship is one-to-one or many-to-many then I don’t see what I would intuitively expect to see.
What is the expected behaviour for the whiteboard if I am trying to show entities that are related in these ways?

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Hey @Chr1sG, here is a post about basically the same thing you are talking about, so support this 100%! Also, since as you can see I had the same problem, would love to get an answer as this is a key piece of Whiteboards I was hoping to use, and I’ve basically abandoned whiteboards until there is an answer here…sadly I see your post has also gone ignored…

And @helloitse, great example of a situation where we could use some consolidation of requests around here!