Setting up Whiteboard to show all existing relationships in an app?

Hi, I’m excited about whiteboards, but I have not been able to get one set up which will show existing relationships between my types in an app. Could you possibly show a quick .gif on how to do that?

Also, when do you plan to have a cross-app capability for Whiteboard, or one that would allow select apps? My situation is that I have about 5 apps that I use to represent my software platform, and I’d like to essentially (as you are aware since I keep asking about it, haha) create a “live” Miro or lucid chart diagram via links in Fibery.

Thanks guys!

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Current Version of Whiteboard shows only entities (not types). So you have create 2 or more depended types (Feature->User Story->Bug for example), then add there some real data, then try to build tree view on whiteboard for this.

The feature to show Types in App and Cross App is in plans.

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OK @vadim, thank you for the response and sorry for the late reply. Glad to hear this is in the works, looking forward to it greatly!!