Which note-taking app do you use?

I like to hear some success/failure stories about Fibery users that have managed to connect a note taking app to their Fibery space.
The idea is that taking a note does not break my workflow anywhere outside fibery, and ideally is just a popup.
The Fibery chrome extension is too simplistic for notes.
I now use Simplenote and for screen captures Evernote, but will be happy to switch to another.
Clickup has such integrate Notes features that pops up using a persistent button in the browser.

I’m happy to hear your personal experience with note taking in Fibery.

Quick and Offline available
In my experience, I dont need to sync automaticly or big database for note taking. It’s just like a transit, that I wanna dump all things in there.
I realize that’s not a place to storage, it’s just temperary location then we migrate all that things and process in database center later. So it’s just need to capture as fast as possible
So google keep’d be my current choice after trying trello, todoist, google task, google calendar, … just basic function


I mostly use Fibery for note taking, but I am mostly not note taking on mobile. I still use Obsidian a bit, but for mobile I mostly use Google Keep.


Google Keep FTW, but I also use skedpal if it is task related.

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I use Fibery for everything.

Even on mobile with a bit of fantasy.

I have a ‘shortcuts for mobile’ page where I can create entities (via form or normal).

I’ve pinned most important fields in entities so I can add information easily on my mobile.

I check the checkbox if I have all needed information. Else it also appears on my braindump page so I can add the extra information via desktop.

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Mostly I find it is text editing which is a bit of a nightmare on mobile. Especially working with Bullets, etc., which a lot of my notes do still use (despite not using an outliner anymore :smile:).

I agree :sweat_smile: Sometimes it’s not even possible to edit text while pressing enter. But I’ve found workarounds for almost any hickup :joy:

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