Vizydrop - does not refresh data?

Hi - a possible “bug” in vizydrop and, a question.

The possible “bug” is, when I make a vizydrop table, then change the underlying data, the vizydrop table does not pick up the changes. I’ve tried edit/save, browser refresh and so on, but it stays the way it was when I first made the table.

Second is a question, if I have a dataset, say deals with values, vizydrop will show me the total of the data I send to it. I’d like to see total by state, though, is that possible? Like:

  • New unqualified
    • Deal X, 1000
    • Deal Y, 2000
    • SUBTOTAL: 3000
  • Proposing
    • Deal A, 1500
    • Deal C, 4000
    • SUBTOTAL: 5500
  • GRAND TOTAL: 8500

Hi - regarding the bug, I checked again and it refreshed.
Is that refresh on a timer or something?

Oof. I missed the gigantic button on the right that lets you control the update frequency.

If I could just learn how to group the lines by state, if it is possible, that would be helpful.

Considering your question about grouping. I’m not sure that I understand what you want to see in the end.
If you want to see smth like you’ve written in the original question – I think it is not possible. Reports are about aggregating data, and what you’ve written in example is more like hierarchical table with aggregations below.

You can remove ‘name’ and ‘creation date’ columns from your chart, so you will see sum of values per each state, and total sum in final row.

Ok, that works, thanks!