Update and export a reports CSV

I can’t get to Vizydrop website right now but I want to refresh and export a VSV from a report, is there a way for me to get a URL or endpoint for this?

What site are you trying to reach? Report views in your Fibery workspace should not be using the vizydrop domain.

I assume you mean CSV, right?

I was trying to get to visydrop for the docs as some other posts here mentioned that.

Yes I do mean CSV, currently we do it manually each time we need the data in our project but I’m looking to automate it a bit more.

When you’re on a report view, you can export to csv from the options menu.

Did you mean that you want to generate a sharing url for the report? Or … ?

I want to be able to run the report export CSV function so I can download that CSV from an another application. With Google spreadsheets you can share a CSV export URL of a spreadsheet. I don’t think that is available here as the CSV is generated on demand. The actual Report URL is of no use. Fundamentally is there an API to interact with reports and their functions?

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Given that a report is generated using data in Fibery databases, why wouldn’t you just query the raw data in the database?

Because we need to modify how the data is exported, the report view allows us to populate the columns a little differently from the actual data (its an aggregate of quite a few things)