3 Major Immediate UI Fixes needed For Mass Adoption and User Retention

Hi Fibery team. Love your product. I read your blog posts on the nature of ‘information’. It was a strange kind of ‘phenomenology’ to read. Strange in the best sense. Its clear the founder/team behind this product is really brilliant! And so the product will get there! Can’t wait to see how you integrate chat…

For me, the biggest immediate issues are 3 things. Fixing these things will immediately increase user retention.

  1. The database columns need to be more compact. Any product team will have a lot of columns. You need to be able to capture more information with limited screen real estate. Power users really don’t mind having so much information on the screen.

  2. The database view needs to allow users to make edits to rows, without expanding the row first and opening another menu. You should see 40 rows at once. And while maintating the total view, be able to quickly update the value in column c of row 2. And then with a mouse click, update column c of row 3 also.

  3. Grouping is an ABSOLUTE MUST with subtotals for column values valuable based on those groupings! you have to be able to group rows while in database view. Grouping is a killer feature that noone talks about but it is the easiest fastest way to create a moment of ‘delight’ for users. Not just a passing delight. Real delight that drives adoption. Spreadsheet.com has brilliant UI for filtering, sorting, and grouping. Best in market currently.

I’m on clickup right now. Looking forward to switching at some point when the above is implemented… fyi the vizydrop integration is also absolutely killer. wow. pivot tables?!

wishing you guys the best. Can’t imagine how much work it was to get where you are today.

It is already possible to edit the values of cells (entity field values) whilst in database view. Can you explain what you are missing?